The Tazzari RP-23 is the most advanced and refined numeric-controlled grinder available.

The Tazzari machine has been designed by Lars Svensson who has worked with the manufacturers for over twenty years to refine the capabilities of the equipment. During that time Lars has provided grinding services to the world's

Lars Svensson

best skiers. He worked exclusively with the Norwegian National Team during the heyday of Daehlie, Ulvang and Alsgaard. After the 1998 Nagano Olympics he worked with Sweden and Germany. And all that time he worked with Tazzari to refine the equipment that he needed to make the fastest skis in the world.

Lars is still on high demand this year at the World Cup tour to grind skis for the best skiers.

The RP-23 is designed to be a nordic specific ski grinder. Tazzari makes one stone for nordic skis, and it is the best in the industry. Lars Svensson has made his own proprietary diamonds, designed to work with the Tazzari nordic stone, which are manufactured for him exclusively. All things considered, it's no wonder that the Tazzari machine accounted for the majority of the grinds for the Olympics at the Callaghan Valley and is part of our Canadian National Team best 'SECRETS'.

All of this is NOW available to you!

Now everyone can benefit from the best. Stone grinding flattens the ski base, removes burnt and damaged base material and grinding-stoneprovides important micro-structure. Bottom line, it makes your skis faster and easier to wax. We have tried to simplify a complicated process as much as possible, but if your eyes glaze over with the information provided, give us a call and we can help you choose what will be best based on your skis and the conditions they see most often.

At this time we are able to offer you between 25 different structures, from universal to more specific for a particular snow condition and temperature. Each grinds have been tested and used at the 2010 Winter Olympics at the Callaghan Valley or at the World Cup level in Europe and we continue to work and test improved structures for our different regional snow conditions.