You will find below our most popular updated structures for skating and classic. However if you are looking for a more specific snow condition or a particular ski base texture don't hesitate to contact us to discuss about all different solutions we can provide to you.


Skating Structures:
Performance demands on skate skis are extremely high, as the skis must run very fast, but also release the snow easily while in motion. Too much structure will cause a distinctive “bite” in the performance feel of the ski, and climbing speed can be base-texturecompromised. In general the more advanced layered structures - designed to combine optimal moisture and crystal management with a very light feel - offer the best advantage on skate skis.

Classic Structures:
Classic structures most of the time differ from skating structures. This is because of a couple factors. Factor number one is that in set tracks, the snow has been transformed by pressure to form the tracks and there is much more traffic in the exact same spot. This means that we are dealing with very transformed snow almost all of the time. The second factor is that the ski never leaves the snow in motion, so the structure does not need to be able to release the snow in motion. We therefore are able to create much more distinct channels in the base of the ski to deal with water. So, many of the classic structures are much more aggressive than the skating ones.

Here you'll find our most popular ones: